How to Stream
Deposition Video

And Increase Your Bottom Line | taught by Jason Wietholter
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Robin Cassidy-Duran

Great course

This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

Robin Cassidy-Duran

This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

Jason Wietholter
Jason Wietholter
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

As a long-time veteran of not only the litigation support profession, but also as a multimedia producer and live event operator, Jason Wietholter serves as the AGCV's Chief Executive Officer and one of its Senior Instructors.

Attorneys and firms are looking for ways to cut costs and make better use of their budgets. Similarly, other stakeholders and members of the litigation team are trying to find ways to keep their finger on the pulse of the testimony coming out of depositions.

Wouldn't it be great if you could offer a service that would add to your bottom-line, provide more flexibility to your clients, all while simultaneously saving them money?!

Join Jason Wietholter as he walks through how to stream your deposition video to clients and other viewers. In this 2-hour training session, we will discuss the equipment necessary, the servers/services that will help to host your stream, and how to provide your client with a delightful experience that will make them want to use you again and again.

Course Contents

6 Videos
1 Text
2 PDFs
2.0 hrs