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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 4

    Rules Which Govern the Procedure of Taking a Deposition

    • Overview of the FRCP

    • The Purpose of the Rules

    • Rules Specific to Depositions

    • Exceptions to the Rules

  • 5

    Rules About Depositions Generally

    • Different Types Of Depositions And The Forms They Take

    • Depositions To Perpetuate Testimony

    • Discovery Depositions

    • Trial Depositions

    • Forms Depositions May Take

    • Depositions By Oral Questions

    • Depositions By Written Questions

  • 6

    Limits On Depositions

    • Limitations Placed On Depositions

    • Limits On How Many Depositions May Be Taken In A Case

    • Limits On The Length Of An Individual Deposition

    • Protective Orders

    • Default Rules

  • 7

    Prerequisites For Taking A Specific Deposition

    • Procedural Rules For A Specific Deposition

    • When A Deposition May Be Taken

    • Scheduling Depositions

    • Deposition Notices

  • 8

    Methods Of Recording Depositions

    • Introduction to Methods of Recording

    • Defining the "Record"

    • The Notice Must Indicate The Method

    • Three Permitted Methods of Recording

    • Remote Means

    • Additional Method

  • 9

    Recording By Deposition Officer

    • Introduction to the Deposition Officer

    • Depositions Must Be Taken Before An Officer

  • 10

    Who May Serve As A Deposition Officer

    • Introduction to Who May Serve As A Deposition Officer

    • Authorized to Administer Oaths

    • Notary Publics As Officers

    • Person Appointed By The Court

    • Officer Designated By The Parties

    • Disqualifications Of An Officer

    • Objections to Qualifications

  • 11

    Officer's Duties

    • Introduction To The Duties Of The Deposition Officer

    • Overview Of The Officer's Duties

    • Failure To Follow The Rules

    • Before The Deposition

  • 12

    Beginning The Deposition

    • Beginning The Deposition

    • Announcements

    • Administration Of The Oath

    • Identification Of All Persons Present

  • 13

    During The Deposition

    • What Happens During The Deposition Itself

    • Recording the Deposition

    • Examination

    • Making Announcements

    • Avoiding Distortion

    • Exhibits

  • 14

    Concluding The Deposition

    • Overview Of Concluding The Deposition

    • Concluding The Deposition

    • Stipulations & Custody

  • 15

    After The Deposition

    • After the Deposition

    • Review & Changes By The Witness

    • Certification

    • Delivery

    • Copies

    • Archival

  • 16

    Using The Deposition

    • Using Depositions At Trial

    • Prerequisites For Using Depositions At Trial

    • Impeachment

    • Deposition Of A Party, Agent, Or Designee

    • Unavailable Witness

    • Presenting Portions Of A Deposition

    • Format Of Presentation

  • 17

    Next steps

    • Congratulations!


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